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Pansoft's Windows platform software for physical inventory operations (both at internal and consignment warehouses) connectable to any customer's ERP (already integrated with PRMS, SAP, JDE).

PIM - Physical Inventory Management


Using the functionality of “Physical Inventory Management” all stages of the detection and physical verification of the stock are managed according to a set of configuration parameters which allow the transfer to a local server of the list of warehouses, products, locations and “frozen” stock which are to be subjected to inventory control and verification without the need to implement and/or modify programs (with the sole exception of the return file which is created by “Physical Inventory Management” and which contains the list of inventoried products – “frozen” stock and “counted” stock – that then has to be processed within the Primary Business System).


The inventory process foresees several physical count operations with the automatic generation of a “reference count” following at least two identical (matching) physical counts.


In order to enable simultaneous inventory detection operations across several workstations, the functions of “Physical Inventory Management” have been grouped into two “modules” based on their area and scope of operation:


Inventory Data Collection function


available on as many workstations (hereafter “User” and/or “Client”) as there are operators (Personal Computers) involved in the inventory identification process.


Count Comparison and Reference Count Generation functions


available on a single workstation only (referred to as “Master and/or Server.”)

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